6-12th grade

Become... Belong... believe

Middle school
6-8th grade

Our mission in middle school ministry is to help the next generation build a healthy relationship with Christ. So many kids have never been taught what it looks like to journal, read the Bible, and just sit in the presence of God. As a team, we will come alongside our students and help guide them in a way where they not only are told what that may look like, but they see it firsthand through each and every one of us.
Middle school is a very important point where kids are starting to form habits, and now is the time we set the example and show them what reading the Word looks like, journaling, etc. Middle school will be the foundation of where their faith is formed. We will start all gatherings with fun, Trick-shot, Message, and small group. Building consistency is key in knowing what to expect weekly.
Who: Middle Schoolers in grades 6-8
When: Tuesdays at 7 PM
Where: Sonlight Upper Room

High school
9-12th Grade

Our goal in high school ministry is to point the next generation to Christ. We want to create an atmosphere and foundation that will help them sustain a healthy relationship with God. Every relationship with our creator may look different from person to person, but the love we display will be forever familiar in the hearts of all. We will start all “Socials” with a time of fun. Later we will hear a word from the Lord, then break into small groups to discuss the message and how it has spoken to us personally.
Every Social will end in a leadership huddle where we can discuss how our gathering went. We will talk about areas of strength, weakness, and where we can grow. Before you even believe you have always belonged. Then you believe resulting in becoming who God has called you to be.
Who: High Schoolers in grades 9-12
When: Sundays at 7 PM
Where: Sonlight Upper Room

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