staff & council

Meet the staff

Mike Slofstra

Community Life Pastor

Ben Buckley

Worship Pastor

Lynda Burke

Children's Ministry Director

Isaiah Wilson

Youth Director

Victoria buys

Communications Director

Alissa Underwood

Nursery Director

Tim Furr

Facility Manager

Karen Kooistra-BratT


Beth Selva

Office Administrator

Elders and Deacons

Our Council members are tasked with congregational care and overseeing the church's spiritual health, and helping guide Sonlight Church along its mission to obtain its vision. Deacons are tasked with helping those at Sonlight in times of need and managing the benevolence fund. The Elders are tasked with the spiritual care of those at Sonlight. Elders and Deacons are in pairs that serve "districts." Each district is broken up into a section of the alphabet by last name.

Administrative Board

Our administrative board allows our Elders and Deacons to focus on the spiritual health of our church and less on the operations. This board is charged with the formation of the budget, overseeing human resources situations, and other administrative and executive decisions.